Submit a customization request

  • A detailed description of the changes you would like to have made to the theme
  • A short explanation about what benefit you hope this change will provide (this can help our team to inform you of any alternatives if better solutions exist)
  • Any screenshots or examples of how you would like the customization to look or function when it's completed

Please include the following information with your request:

Paid Theme Customizations Request Form

For more information about this program, what kinds of customizations we can offer, and pricing, please refer to the "What are Paid Theme Customizations?page on our Help Center.

1. Submit a customization request by using this form (or contacting our theme support team for assistance with doing so).

2. Our team reviews each request, and sends an invoice for accepted requests. If the work is outside of our scope, we'll also be able to refer you to alternative services or options.

3. Once the invoice is paid, our team completes the requested changes in a duplicate theme.

4. You'll have a chance to review the changes and request any required adjustments before publishing them to your store. 

Steps in the Paid Theme Customization process